Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sovereign technologies

This is a catalog of technologies, techniques and ideas which will grant sovereignty to the people.

Solar thermal desalination [link]

Food growing techniques
for high-yield crops on small parcels and shared housing units (apartments, condos):
* The Permablitz [link]

Industrial Hemp (Cannabis) [link]
Hemp is grown in our climate conditions and can be used in building materials, food, plastics, and medicines.

Vehicles made with sustainably produced resources, like hemp, are a step forward towards continuing inexpensive and sustainable industrialized system of transportation.
* Electric bicycles [link]
* Vehicles powered by air pressure [link]
* Vehicles powered by H2O (Water) [link]
* Vehicles with 100+ gas mileage [link]
* Tesla Motors and Solar Powered vehicles [link]

Energy for an industrialised civilization like ours can be produced in in our region.

Solar Energy describes techniques of yielding energy or actions using the heat of the Sun. Most energy-yielding technologies cannot be made using local materials.
* Community-Owned Solar Power in Rehoboth, Mass [link]
* Solar-powered street lights [link]
* Hydrogen fuel production [link]
* Hydrogen fuel created which can retain 90% of energy collected from Solar Power, created by the Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis (JCAP) [link]
* Organic Photovoltaic Cells [link]
* Transparent Luminescent Solar Concentrator [link]
Monopolist efforts to stifle Solar Energy technologies:
* Monopolist energy producers in California use law to penalize residential solar power generators [link]
* Monopolists convince California State Congress to penalize solar power owners, 2014-02 [link]
* Sovereign energy plan utilizing Solar is opposed by Northeast Utilities System (NU) in Massachusetts [link]

Ocean Wave Air Pressure Power Plants [link]

Bio-Fuels [link], using food-crops, cannot be produced locally in quantities needed to sustain an industrialized system of transportation, but, if produced locally, can enhance obtainable sources for high-grade motor fuel.

Wind Power
* Wind Farm technology produces energy for 25 years [link]

Hydrogen Fuel
* Hydrogen fuel manufactured from natural photosynthesis [link]
* Low-Power Hydrogen Fuel Extraction [link]

Petroleum made from algae [link]

Bacteriological energy sources [link]:
* Winery Wastewater into Hydrogen Fuel technology info from “Winery Pilot Tests Wastewater to Hydrogen Conversion Model” article, 2009-10-01 “Yountville Sun” V12N20: “Napa Wine Company” of Oakville implementing “microbial electrolysis cell” technology for converting winery wastewater into hydrogen fuel, overseen by Penn. State university environmental engineering professor Bruce Logan

Low yield energy producing platforms:
* Obtanium Electrical Generators [link]
* Urine-powered energy generator [link]

Fuel recovery from petroleum-based plastics:
When clean plastic is heated to around 800 deg in a sealed chamber it gasifies. So what is left in the chamber is almost 100% carbon black powder, a rather harmless byproduct. The rest of the gas that doesn't condense into a form of collected oil is composed of burnable gas like propanes,butanes, and small amounts of other inert gas that gets piped back into the fire box and totally burnt. The pollution created is on such a small scale that a lawnmower produces much more.
* [ourworld.unu.edu/en/plastic-to%20-oil-fantastic/] [youtube.com/watch?v=qGGabrorRS8]
* Blest Company in Japan sold this in 2006, cost of 12,700 USD. It is portable. [youtube.com/watch?v=wJeg7aKYa0Y]
* Backyard plastic to oil refinery that is wood fired. This is a proof of concept prototype. [youtube.com/watch?v=f6NbljcpDew]
* Waste tires to oil. Make over $6 per tire by recycling through pyrolysis. [www.tiresintooil.com] [youtube.com/watch?v=8q5fQHzZaZY]

Fuel recovery from petroleum-based plastic bags [link]

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