Sunday, February 16, 2014

Make your own cottage products and homegrown food

This is a dynamic page offered to you with links updated frequently, in order to inspire you with a little bit of Sovereignty. You are Free to make your own products and to share with friends and neighbors, and to participate in PRIVATE (and Invite-Only) "Night Markets".
Be Aware, food poisoning is a serious offense!
California State's Cottage Food Act is the legal framework which regulates your home-based food business, so that you are legally able to sell your homemade food products at PUBLIC markets across the State of California. This requires that you to get a State license and to attend a Cottage Food Operator Training. More information here, at the California State's website [link].
Visit the Farmer's Markets in the region, and gain insight into products which could fit a niche, that customers are aware of already, but which is either not yet available in your regional farmer's markets, or have little representation or diversity. Find out more about the San Pablo Bay Area farmer's markets [link].

* Feta Cheese []

* $50 Green House []

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