Monday, October 15, 2012

Anti-Sovereignty: monopolized "Big-Box" Stores

Wal-Marts is the reason that Maine passed a law that if a company employed over 20,000 employee's they had to offer healthcare. They were costing the state millions in food stamps and Medicaid for Wal-Mart employees. Wal-Mart alone cost California almost 100 million dollars in state aid for Wal-Mart employees. Those low prices come at a very high price for tax payers.
And Walmart stock is up 37% from this time last year: Owners profit while taxpayers buy food for their employees. Brilliant business model!
Don't forget SAMs Club is a Walmart store.
While traveling the United States, I found that in every city where there was a super-Walmart the original 'main streets' were either gone or barely hanging on. The little shops cannot compete. In one struggling city I learned they fought off supper-Walmart but Walmart simply went to the next city over. Now the small shops are still gone and no taxes from Walmart. Their city was filing bankruptcy. So so sad. i know 2 ladies who work there and both are on welfare also...SAD
The Walton family is a disgrace.....they are all multi billionaires running their plantation......never giving their workers a livable really is modern day slavery...

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  1. Walmart has done something good for the employees too.. Interesting.. Had amazing experience while reading this useful, informative article.